HAVE YOU MADE A PLAN FOR THE FUTURE WELL-BEING OF YOUR MATE AND CUBS? Ted Hankin Radio Interview as heard on The Business Experience Show - KLAA AM830

Planning can take various forms … business planning and estate planning being among the most typical. Most everyone wants their business to be a success. Most everyone wants to provide for their family when the inevitable occurs. However, without an experienced Newport Beach business attorney to assist you, efforts to succeed in business or pass the family wealth to heirs may not always be successful.

Business planning encompasses a number of areas. Many of these areas require the expert assistance of counsel in order for you to obtain your goal. Some of these areas are business entity formation, contracts, mergers & acquisitions, employment contracts, and, when necessary, business dissolution.

Estate planning also encompasses a number of areas, including trusts, wills, powers of attorney, advance health care directives, trust administration and probate.

In both business and estates, when all else fails, or even when one does not plan on it, one may become involved in business litigation or probate & trust litigation. Experience counts when you are faced with these situations.

Do you own a business with someone else? Are you ready to divorce the other owner but they won’t be bought out? Are you concerned that, being in a high risk industry, creditors might attempt to get your personal assets in addition to the business assets? Do you want to plan ahead to minimize exposure? Do you want to plan for business succession when you are no longer there? Experience counts when you are faced with these situations.

Are you the beneficiary of a trust? Has the trustee held on to the trust assets longer than necessary? Has the trustee refused to account for his/her activities? Did you learn that you were not included as a beneficiary of a deceased relative when, in fact, you were told that you were a beneficiary? Are you concerned that the controlling document (will or trust) might have been procured by undue influence? Or when your relative was incompetent? Are you the surviving spouse of a second marriage, in conflict with the children of the first marriage over your inheritance from their deceased parent? Do you worry whether your children are financially responsible enough to manage the wealth that will be left to them? Or do you worry about their spouses getting that wealth if there is a divorce? Experience counts when you are faced with these situations.

Ted Hankin, Newport Beach business attorney and CPA, has represented clients involved in each of the above-described scenarios.

All of the matters were resolved, either by trial, settlement, or planning to the satisfaction of my clients. Further, with proper planning and implementation, I believe that many of those scenarios could have been avoided, had I been consulted beforehand.

With over 32 years experience, both as a shareholder, an associate, a partner in a firm and as a sole practitioner, Newport Beach business lawyer Ted Hankin has the depth and breadth of experience necessary to provide you with the representation that you require when making the decisions that count more than any others.

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