Employment Contracts

Are you going to do it all? Will you be the president, treasurer and secretary, chief cook and bottle washer? Once you have launched your business, will you always keep day to day responsibility for its well-being to yourself?

When you are successful, you have to hire competent staff to support your business activities. When you are very successful, you will be hiring management personnel to provide expertise necessary for continued business growth. Before hiring or after, you should hire competent legal counsel (read: me) to review contracts for the (proposed) employment of key personnel, write employment contracts, review existing contracts, and consult concerning termination of employment contracts.

If you are the employee, let me read it before you sign.

Its always good advice to have competent counsel read business documents and advise you as to their meaning. I am competent business counsel and I am available to help you. Call me or contact me online today.

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Contact Us (949) 383-4356