Representative Cases

Client: J. B.
Citation: G036748
Year: 2006

Case Description: In underlying action, my client, represented by prior counsel, unsuccessfully sued his investment adviser over a failed investment. Upon conclusion of the underlying action, the investment adviser sued my client for malicious prosecution. My client’s then counsel brought a successful Anti-SLAPP motion. The investment adviser appealed; I was the appellate counsel for my client. My client prevailed on the appeal and was successful in collecting fees and costs awarded to him in the trial court and on appeal.

Client: L. H.
Citation: G029672
Year: 2002

Case Description: Sister sued siblings, including my client, the brother, over alleged improprieties involving deceased mother’s assets. I successfully tried this case through judgment (a defense verdict for my client) and prevailed when the losing sister took the matter up on appeal.

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